We hope that each piece we send out will be owned and appreciated for its quality by our buyers.


One garment is touched by so many hands. Our smiles show  our pride and love for our work.  

Irene heads our production and knows all areas of the process as she can operate both manual and computer knitting machines.

Irene of Allena Production

Jimmy takes care of the last stage of QA.  Before each garnent is delivered, he makes sure that the measurements follow specifications. He runs our steam press and laundry sections.

 Joy is a sewer but also enjoys handknitting our winter sweaters.Joy Handknitting for Allena

Mar is preparing yarns in the winding machine. He makes sure he has enough plies and the weight of each cone of yarn is sufficient for him to knit on. 

Mar Atienza of Allena

Merla's main task is as our Head QA, so nothing goes past her. She is a Mender too by skill. In knitting, mending means holes or runs in fabrics  miraculuosly get fixed - saving the company countless hours of re-work.  But for our armknit Hammock Scarves, Eclipse and Aries necklaces, only her wrists measure up. 

Arm Knitting of Aries necklace by Allena


Odie is ever the multi-tasker, she heads our Linking Department and is an expert Sewer - she is also our  Samplemaker and Paternmaker.

Odie Sample Maker for Allena 

Melba is our needlepoint expert, this task is called Stitching.  She makes the ends of seams clean  and hides all messy end yarns. She is also in charge of our Cutting Room.

Fernan  ensures operations run smoothly and shares the production responsibilities with Irene. He is also an expert knitter by trade. Each garment that leaves Allena  has his seal of approval.

Fernan Figura Packing Section