An Allena Shawl is made from the purest cotton - giving the softest handfeel that  wraps around  so comfortably.

These are easy to care for(but still best handwashed) and travel easily. Even only when handpressed, wrinkles will iron out quickly. 


What makes these shawls so beautiful is that the  patterns  seem so familliar - perhaps  something we  subconciously recognize  as part of our culture.  

We design not only  to give an ode to the past but also draw inspiration from the many circumstances of the present. Putting all these geometric lines and curves together to create new  pieces that  we hope a future generation of textile enthusisats will also grow to love and appreciate.


We know how much it means these days to make a purchase that will outlast trends. These shawls are pieces to keep and to give as a gift to a daughter, a mother and across ages and yes, men love them too.